What We Do?

Innopet leverages the latest technologies such as IoT, Bluetooth and various sensors to provide mid-range pet tech products to anyone who keeps or just loves pets!

Funded by Cyberport Incubation Program, we aim at contributing anonymous usage data to bring up data-driven methods for better pet healthcare services.

Core Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)

Innopet leverages IoT that is compatible with common standards. It allows connections with 4G/ 5G and Bluetooth to collect and sync data from smart collars to the mobile app. Multiple sensors for detecting movements, positions or heartbeat rate etc will be applied to the smart collar.

About Innopet 

Established in 2020 and funded by Cyberport, Innopet focuses on R&D of its product – Innopet all-in-one pet healthcare mobile app and smart collar to bring convenience to pet keepers, as well as contributing anonymous data for pet healthcare researches.  

Innopet links up all pets’ necessities, encourages communications, sharings and collaborations between pet keepers, business owners, vets as well as the industry peers.

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